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Worcester Studio

Worcester Studio

Studio B – Performing Arts Centre

Everoak Industrial Estate, Bromyard Road

St Johns, Worcester, WR2 5HP

Worcester Studio

We are so lucky to have our own studios at our main Worcester branch.


We home 3 large studios all with professional dance floor and mirrors.


On top of this we also home a smaller studio for private drama and singing lessons, 2 changing rooms for the students, a waiting area for the parents, office with receptionist and tuck shop, a kitchen with full use of fridge, kettle, toaster and microwave, 2 changing rooms and 2 toilets.


Worcester Studio Timetable


Studio 1

(Miss Kerry)

6-6.45pm Body Conditioning

6.45-7.45pm Adv Contemp/lyrical

7.45-8.30pm Adv Jazz

8.30-9.15pm Adv 2 Modern

Studio 2


4.15-5.00pm Diddy Commercial 

5.00-6.00pm Crew Commercial

6.00-6.45pm Kidz Commercial 

Studio 3

(Miss Tash)

5-5.45pm Diddy MT

6.45-7.30pm Kidz MT 


Studio 1

(Miss Karen)

4.45-5.45pm Grade 7 Ballet

5.45-6.30pm Inter Foundation Modern

6.30-7.45pm Free Work Ballet

7.45-8.15pm Inter Modern


Studio 1

5-7.30pm Nxt Gen Theatre Company


Studio 1

(Miss Kerry)

4.30-5.30pm Inter Lyrical/Contemp

5.30-6.30pm Grade 6 Modern 

7.00-7.45pm Grade 4 Modern

7.45-8.45pm Inter Groups

Studio 2

(Miss Karen)

4.30-5.30pm Junior Lyrical

5.30-6.30pm Grade 4 Ballet


7.00-7.45pm Pointe (B)

7.45-8.45pm Private Lesson

Studio 3

(Miss Jenny)


5-6pm Grade 6 Ballet

6-7pm Junior Groups

7.00-7.45pm Pointe (A)

7.45-8.45pm Private Lesson


Studio 1

9-9.45am Grade 1/2 Tap

9.45-10.30am Primary Acro

10.30-11.15am Grade 3 Tap

11.15-12.15am Acro Level 3

12.15-1.15 Grade 5 Modern

1.15-2.15 Grade 4/5 Tap

2.15-3pm Grade 6 Tap

3-4pm Acro Level 4

4-5pm Acro Level 5

Studio 2

9-9.45am Baby Ballet 

9.45-10.30am Boogie Babes

10.30-11.15am Pre-Primary Ballet

11.15-12.15am Acro Level 1

12.15-1pm Grade 1 Modern

1.15-2.15pm Acro Level 2

2.15-3pm Pre-Pointe Class

3-4pm Grade 2 Ballet

Studio 3

9-9.45am Baby/Primary Tap

9.45-10.30am Pre Acro

10.30-11.15am Primary Ballet

11.15-12pm Primary Modern

12.15-1pm Grade 2 Modern

1.15-2.15pm Grade 3 Ballet

2.15-3pm Grade 1 Ballet

3-4pm Inter Foundation Ballet (A)

4-5pm Inter Foundation Ballet (B)

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