At Studio B, we provide a number of classes and disciplines. Please see the detailed breakdown of everything we offer:


Ballet is the strong foundation of all dance training that promotes and develops core stability, posture and strength whilst encouraging confidence and discipline, as well as developing imagination, musicality and artistry.


We follow the RAD syllabus from pre-primary to advanced major levels and the ISTD syllabus for the Major levels. These grades provide a positive structure for the children where they can enjoy dancing and develop excellent technique.


A fun energetic art form with a syllabus that promotes the importance of modern dance technique. A great class to help develop strength and flexibility through kicks, leaps and jumps but also nurtures the children’s rhythm and musicality. We follow the ISTD Syllabus from Primary Grade to Advanced Level 2


This class is based upon various techniques developed from famous pioneers.  Progressive floor and standing exercises will help the student become aware of how their body can move in numerous ways. We study the techniques of contraction, release, tilts, spirals, counter balance, improvisation and many more. This is an excellent class for those studying GCSE dance either at Studio B or at their secondary school.


A rhythmical toe tapping form of dance that is incredibly fun and helps develop co-ordination and rhythm. In the last few years the style of tap in the UK has changed. The ISTD syllabus that we follow encourages this change and it includes a fresh and funky vibe that includes improvisation and musical skills.


Drama classes will be run weekly to help teach acting technique and develop confidence. At Studio B, we offer two classes for three separate age groups.


Junior (7 - 10 years old)

Inter  (10 – 13 years old)

Senior (14 years old and upwards)


Drama classes run weekly to teach acting technique and develop confidence. At Studio B, we offer classes for three separate age groups with progression as students build confidence, talent and technique.


Drama classes explore numerous different styles of drama such as: naturalism, improvisation, devising, mask, physical, absurd and classical. Additionally, a focus on reflective practice will be covered to help the students develop at their own pace and support them as far as they want to go. Scripts following the trends of contemporary drama and works written by Studio B staff are used in lessons leading to public performances.


Drama is a powerful skill that will nurture the students in every situation they find themselves – regardless of their desired careers and occupations.


Drama helps support and stimulate children in so many ways, helping their imagination, concentration, co-operation skills, creativity, communication skills, confidence, body language and presentation. Most importantly, it helps to build their self-esteem and worth whilst meeting new friends.


We also offer Drama exams following the LAMDA syllabus. These are on offer once a year starting in the Spring term. Children will take on an exam package deal with a set amount of lessons to learn an perfect the content needed for the exam, as well as a mock exam scenario. They will then take their exam at Studio B Worcester, where we have a 100% pass rate. Please check out our LAMDA page for more information.

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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre classes are run weekly for young people aged 5 and upwards and they help increase the students confidence, develop their singing voices, give them the confidence to sing and dance simultaneously all the while having fun! 

Junior (5-9)                  Inter (10-13)​            Senior (14+)      

Our Musical Theatre classes are action packed, where the students sing, act and dance simultaneously! Singing from a wide range of musicals like contemporary shows such as Matilda, Wicked and the Lion King to classics such as Annie and Mary Poppins and epics such as Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables.


Musical Theatre is another vital tool that helps young people in so many different ways – ranging from confidence, develops coordination, memory and concentration and further enhances their creativity. In a time, where creative subjects are becoming more limited in school, Musical Theatre is the perfect class to combine Singing, Dancing & Acting into one and allow the students to realise all their artistic and creative potential.


Private singing sessions are also available, if you would like an individual class - please do not hesitate to contact us



At studio b we keep updated with the dance trends and in present times there has been a focus on bringing Acro into the dance form. To have extra skill where you can demonstrate walkovers, aerials, back flips and hand springs has become very popular. We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus and progressions to help the students achieve these amazing skills. There is a heavy focus on the strengthening, flexibility and conditioning of the body in order to achieve these skills as they move up the levels and hence a great lesson choice to take alongside a technical syllabus class.


Jazz classes are offered in various age groups. The great thing about this class is that we study various styles of Jazz technique. We look at different exercises to develop kicks, leaps and turns as well as working on routines in the style of lyrical, pop, musical theatre and many more. For the older children, we look at including an "audition' style class, to get them ready for further education or to just enhance their experience and confidence.


An extremely popular class and one not to be missed!  This style has taken the dance world by storm, especially with the hype of dance groups like Diversity! This class is full of awesome moves where you get to body pop all over the shop!  Get on your trainers, baggy trousers and caps!



Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. It is sometimes difficult for students to feel what muscles initiate the correct alignment in ballet their training. However, as the fit ball is continually mobile under the student’s’ body it gives the students a proprioception for their posture and weight placement whilst feeling each correct muscle groups.


These classes are vital for those keen to develop their standard of ability. The dance world requires such a high level of strength, stamina and extreme flexibility that these classes are pivotal to complete whilst studying other genres.

We use equipment to help achieve great results such as resistance bands, wobble boards, yoga balls and weights.