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Jitterbugs Dance is a fun-filled 45 minutes session for you to enjoy with your child. 

It is a fantastic way to make friends, improve social skills whilst building confidence and focus through music and movement.



Every week has a different theme, Farmyard, Toyshop, Circus etc, and each theme sees the children go on a big adventure. 

This encourages creativity and imagination. 

Each child has a bag of props which is used throughout the session, and they get to meet various characters along the way. At the end of our adventure, we always have a quiet time where we enjoy a biscuit and a story. 

Whether you feel your child is a little shy or a bundle of energy this class is for them! 

Jitterbugs is a wonderful environment to bring your child and watch them grow.



The girls have grown in confidence and have developed various skills from movement to listening. It’s wonderful to watch and they get to do various activities including dance and PE, they always love jumping through a hoop!! 


It’s a fantastic start to introduce young children to dance but also to get them to socialise with other children, with listening and social skills. I am always amazed how much my girls listen and do what the teaches ask of them. A lovely part is at the end they have a biscuit with a story.

Class Times


9.30-10.15 1yr -2.5 yr olds

10.30-11.15 2.5 yrs +



9.30-10.15 1yr -2.5 yr olds

10.30-11.15 2.5 yrs+


£6 a session, block booking only 


Please email regarding new block booking dates

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