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Bullying Policy

Here at Studio B Performing Arts Centre we believe every child matters and therefore have a duty of care to keep the students safe. Any form of bullying, whether verbal, physical or psychological or cyber, and whether one-off, occasional, or repeated, is completely unacceptable within our establishment.

Bullying can be:

  • Emotional – being unfriendly, excluding, and tormenting 

  • Physical – pushing, kicking, hitting, punching or any use of violence.

  • Racist – racial taunts, graffiti, gestures.

  • Sexual – unwanted physical contact or sexually explicit and/or abusive comments.

  • Homophobic – because of, or focusing on, the issue of sexuality.

  • Verbal – name calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, teasing.

  • Disability – because of, or focusing on, a disability.

  • Cyber – using electronic means such as social websites, mobile phones, text messages, photographs or e-mail to cause pain and distress to a victim.

  • Religious/Cultural – religious or cultural intolerance of any sort.

Signs to look for include withdrawal, low self-esteem, poor attendance, children’s sudden change in temper, weight loss, bursting into tears at the slightest criticism. We hope that yourselves as teacher’s should develop positive relationships with our pupils so that they feel comfortable and confident enough to report any worries. 

Studio B does not tolerate any bulling within the school whether it be pupils bullying pupils, instructors being bullies, or the victims of bullying. As an established school we will shall address every situation we are told about or notice.


All bullying allegations should be dealt with quickly and effectively to prevent any further incidents. Parents will be involved early in the process and where necessary, their support would be requested and desired to help to prevent further incidents of bullying or anti-social behaviour. When bullying is reported, it is important to act quickly and to get the facts right - noting times, names, places, witnesses, theft, damage, injuries. 

  • In the case of bullying incident please contact, Kerry Millis (Principal) on or in person. Please stay away from using mobile phones to talk through serious cases, however if only minor or you are only making principal aware of potential situation, mobiles can be used. The principal will decide if other member of staff need to made aware and/or be involved. 


  • A written record of all incidents of bullying from allegations to evidence will need to be kept in private and not shared with any other person by the principal. Any relevant and new incidents that occur should and will be recorded as soon possible. 


If you (as teachers) are made aware of a bullying outside of Studio B we are obliged to let a legal guardian/parent, school, police and/or social services know. We (as a school) will support the student until the situation is being delt with professionally. It should be made known to the student that any information we are fold will have to be passed on as evidence.

Points to remember in a scenario:

  • Both parties need to be removed from the incident or situation as soon as possible if you witness anything first hand. 

  • Listen to both sides of the story.

  • Remain calm at all times, if you need help find another adult immediately.

  • Remain unbiased.

  • Any further action needs to be agreed by all parties.



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