About Us

At Studio B, we are a performing arts centre which aims to provide the best teaching and support that we can in an environment which is inclusive and more importantly – fun! We will support you if you want to become a professional, we will support you if you want to gain qualifications and we will support you if you are doing this socially – our support is unconditional. The priority of Studio B is the nurturing of our students, allowing you to find your voice and helping mould you to the best of your abilities.


At Studio B, you can trust us to provide you with the highest standard of delivery gathered from years of teaching and professional experience. We will work tirelessly to provide our students with a warm, positive and safe working environment and a consistent fresh, vibrant and colourful approach to our teaching. As individuals, as a school and as a business - we can assure you of an open, honest and transparent approach to our practice. What we say we will do, offer and undertake – will be met.


We will be offering RAD, ISTD, IDTA & LAMDA examinations for Dance & Drama. We will be offering the opportunity to perform in festivals and shows throughout all disciplines. There will be no preference due to ability, capability or future intentions. Additionally, we will provide the opportunity to share feedback with parents on a termly basis, so all parties will know exactly where they are, where they need to be and where they could be.


At Studio B – we want to return to the main principles and foundations of dance, drama and music, that is: FUN. Once we have established the main reason for your participation, we will the add the rest of the layers of the craft to give you the best experience and education that we can.


You will always be seen, you will always be heard and you will always have a voice at . . .


Studio B – Performing Arts Centre!