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Studio B - Performing Arts Centre is always wanting to improve and evolve with the times as well as keeping our practices as child focused as possible and keep all of our students happy to the best of our abilities. We wanted to make sure that we are meeting the needs of all our students but we didnt know how to do it, so we thought what better way to hear what our students are saying then to ask them and to let their voice not only be heard but to influence Studio B going forward. 

We wanted to elect two 'STUDENT AMBASSADORS' at Studio B, for both Junior & Senior students. We wanted those ambassadors to be trusted, open, friendly, accessible and to represent the voice for the student body of Studio B. The Student Ambassador's will attend meetings to discuss the school's plans and they will meet with staff to feedback any issues, concerns, suggestions and recommendations on a regular basis and they will blog for Studio B going forward. The students ambassadors will also be supported by 'DEPUTY AMBASSADORS' who will also make themselves available and accessible to the student body going forward. Every student in the school was given the opportunity to put themselves forward to the role, a vote was then held for each nominee and the students were then given the opportunity to 'vote' for their ambassadors & deputies. Therefore *Drum Roll* let us introduce the first ever Student Ambassadors for Studio B - Performing Arts Centre . . .



'The Last 12 Months'

Well this year has just been amazing so many amazing things have happened from exams (with 100% pass rate), to festivals, competitions, carnivals and to the show!

I’ve made so many friends and met so many new people. Who are all so kind, amazing and so, so supportive. Everyone is like one big family!

So... Studio B Summer show. Well that was just incredible. Everyone worked so hard! From dancing, to acting, to singing. It was so much fun, I loved it. And I cannot wait for many more! But none of that would not of been possible without the help of all the Studio B teachers, who worked extremely hard, to bring so much joy to this amazing family.

The Festivals, Competitions: Encore, Nuneaton, That’s Showbiz, Pershore. That’s Showbiz was absolutely amazing, what an experience! I still can’t believe we made it through to the finals. And I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

Lastly all the exams! Everyone worked so hard and excelled in, their hard work definitely paid off!

I wanted to become ambassador because I love to help people and I’m very organised. I love to help run things and put new events together. I love being part of an even bigger family and being able to make decisions together as a team.

I can’t thank Studio B enough for the amount of hard work and effort they put into organising everything and believing in me. Here’s to many more amazing experiences and opportunities!

From your Senior Ambassador,

Lia Ray

The Senior Deputy Ambassador is -





'The Last 12 Months'

Hello, my name is Lucie.  I am 8 years old and I am this year’s Junior Student Ambassdor.  I have been dancing at Studio B for almost two years and I think it’s really great!

I’ve made so many good friends and everyone is really friendly and kind.  All of the teachers are all really lovely too!

As well as dancing, there are loads of really fun things to do at Studio B. Last summer, we all took part in the Worcester Carnival.  The theme was ‘Over the Rainbow’ and we all had to dress in rainbow colours.  We had to learn a carnival dance that we had to do all the way through town.  We must have danced it 100 times but it was such good fun!

We have just had our annual Christmas movie night where you get to come to Studio B at night in your onesies with pillows and blankets. We get hot chocolate and popcorn, play party games and then watch a Christmas film. As Student Ambassador, I was given the task of finding out what film everyone would like to watch. I did this by making a list of Christmas films and asking everyone to chose their favourite.

There are also two parties each year, one at the end of the summer and one at Christmas, that we have just had.  These are such good fun and as Student Ambassador, I like to help with these in anyway I can. At the start of the Christmas party this year, we put on a Musical Theatre show.  I was in this and really enjoyed doing it.

Festivals are also really fun.  Everyone has done really well and we have won lots of trophies.  The group dance I am in has even got through to the final of That’s Showbiz in Liverpool in March.  We are all really excited about this.

As Student Ambassador, I get to help my teachers by finding out information from all the other children at Studio B and what sort of things they like. I also get to help organise things which I really like to do.

It’s been a lovely 12 months at Studio B and I’m looking forward to 2018 at Studio B too.

From your Junior Ambassador,

The Junior Deputy Ambassador is -