GCSE Dance helps students develop technical and expressive skills, as well as knowledge and understanding of dance through performance, choreography and critical appreciation of dance. 


This four unit specification enables students to “increase their confidence and self-esteem, employ the skills of problem solving and creativity and make knowledgeable decisions about dances”.


It allows students to actively and physically demonstrate their abilities through the controlled assessment which is worth 60% of the qualification and the practical exam, worth 20%. "This course provides a solid foundation for a career in dance or performing arts and/or further studies in dance or performing arts, including A-level Dance” (as stated on the AQA website).


We are aware that some secondary schools in Worcestershire do not offer the option of GCSE dance, so here at Studio B we offer the opportunity to study AQA GCSE Dance. Additionally, you can undertake GCSE dance at Studio B even if your school does offer it, if you do this - it will allow you to pick another GCSE option in school.


There are many options to study GCSE dance:

1) Commence class in Yr 9 and take the exam in Yr 10    (2 years)

2) Commence class in Yr 10 and take the exam in Yr 11  (2 years)

3) Commence class in Yr 11 and take the exam in Yr11   (1 year)


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