Drama classes will be run weekly to help teach acting technique and develop confidence. At Studio B, we offer two classes for three separate age groups.


Junior (7 - 10 years old)


Inter  (10 – 13 years old)


Senior (14 years old and upwards)

Please check timetables for times/days.



Drama classes run weekly to teach acting technique and develop confidence. At Studio B, we offer classes for three separate age groups with progression as students build confidence, talent and technique.


Drama classes explore numerous different styles of drama such as: naturalism, improvisation, devising, mask, physical, absurd and classical. Additionally, a focus on reflective practice will be covered to help the students develop at their own pace and support them as far as they want to go. Scripts following the trends of contemporary drama and works written by Studio B staff are used in lessons leading to public performances.


Drama is a powerful skill that will nurture the students in every situation they find themselves – regardless of their desired careers and occupations.


Drama helps support and stimulate children in so many ways, helping their imagination, concentration, co-operation skills, creativity, communication skills, confidence, body language and presentation. Most importantly, it helps to build their self-esteem and worth whilst meeting new friends.


We also offer Drama exams following the LAMDA syllabus. These are on offer once a year starting in the Spring term. Children will take on an exam package deal with a set amount of lessons to learn an perfect the content needed for the exam, as well as a mock exam scenario. They will then take their exam at Studio B Worcester, where we have a 100% pass rate. Please check out our LAMDA page for more information.


“ The Actor should be able to create the universe in the palm of his hand "

– Laurence Olivier